Thursday, March 21, 2013

General Updates

Well, I find it difficult to focus on any one subject when it has been so long since I've contributed anything to this blog...yet, so much has happened.  C is 20 months old.  Her favorite things include walking, hopping, "golfing," pushing her piano around the house, mimicking anything and everything anyone does, time-out, Little Einsteins, and dancing.
And there's more....
-She is experimenting with the idea of being a picky eater with a penchant for cookies like her daddy and a milkshake fiend like her mommy.
-She is very selective about who she opens up and flies her freak flag for, but once you are her buddy you have an all access pass to her toys, her ramblings, and her laughter.
- She is slowly growing some hair in daddy's mullet pattern, but we're in no rush since she won't keep anything cute in it.
- Through no encouragement of my own, she has taken to rocking, feeding, and caring for dolls and stuffed animals - while still playing ball and driving her cars all over the house. (and I kind of secretly enjoy watching it)
- She also prefers to wear tutus while doing any activity.
- During the coldest months I finally gave in and started covering her with a blanket at night.
- I have still yet to go a night without getting up to check on her, much less sleeping away from her.  I estimate that's about 600 nights in a row.
- I see what other people see, she totally looks like me.  Makes me appreciate what I look like just a little more.
- She got to the snow in her life approximately 32 years earlier than I did.
Here are a couple of pictures and my solemn promise to TRY to update more:)
Call Me Cinderella

18 Month Appt


Hop, hop, hop, hop....

Rocking Baby Gloria

Go, Go, Go, and....Sleep.