Friday, September 6, 2013

2 is a Good Number

Nugget turned 2!!! Yup, I have now (with some assistance-ahem) kept a small person alive for 2 years. That first year didn't go all that fast, but this second one made me understand all the parents who say "it goes so fast!"
Nugget is a big talker. She is also a dancer and a singer. And a jumper. Jumper should go first actually- because that consumes a lot of her day. She knows her shapes, at least 1/2 her letters (although she can recite the alphabet mostly), but colors are an uphill battle. She has dabbled in using the potty and taken swim lessons. She sleeps in a big girl bed after a nightly up and down routine. 
This year we opted to forgo the big Pinterest-worthy, expensive birthday bash and opted for a kiddie pool, hot dogs, and 9 of her little buddies. 
Now this post is about Nugget and not about Deuce- but I must note a strange gift from the universe. 
At 8 weeks pregnant, I was able to do NOTHING for the party. Exhaustion and intermittent violent vomiting keep me from the bare minimum most days. However, the day of the party I woke up with energy to hit 4 stores and prepare some food. I did get sick once or twice, but I was able to hang out and enjoy my baby's celebration. And it was a celebration that fit my nugget. Fun, relaxed, outdoors, and happy. 
Happy 2nd Birthday Nugget!!!

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