Friday, September 6, 2013

As you may have noticed - I have been trying to update my blog- first posting things I have begun writing but not had it in me to finish - so some clarification:
- as of today I am nearly 17 weeks pregnant, but posting things from earlier
- as of today, The Nugget has been two for a good 8 weeks or so...

I've found most things have taken a backseat to watching a 2 year old for a good portion of my waking hours and trying to fit the puking, migraines, random weeping and general negativity that come with my particular brand of pregnancy.
The good news...I have received some relief!!! Last time I got very little relief...but this time, around 15 weeks I had an epic meltdown one night about having completely lost any remnant of myself between not having any recognized work and being pregnant.  It was a sight to behold (I assume...I was sort of behind it all).  And then, like a mini-miracle, I woke up feeling good.  I went out to breakfast, ate real food including bread, and kept it all down through a trip to Ikea.  I then hit up 4 more stores on my own and hung out the rest of the puking.  It was amazing.
Now to be fair- I have had bad days since then...more migraines...a day or two where nothing stayed down, and still getting sick every couple of days...I know- #whitepregnantgirlproblems, right? I'm not exactly a Syrian refuge I have to keep things in perspective...but it is still a little rough.  Just not the rough I was anticipating it to be for much longer.
I have been to the grocery store and the park and cleaned and found other humans tolerable.  It's like the almost normal me.  My poor little nugget no longer needs to hold a bowl for mommy while I change her dookies - in fact, she's stopped imitating my "barf-face" every time she sees a metal bowl altogether. Huge improvements.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll stop this scattered update here, as it's nearly 9 and that's about 2 hours after my bedtime...

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